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hallshot.jp domain lookup results :

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Domain Information: [ドメイン情報]
[Domain Name]                   HALLSHOT.JP
[登録者名]                      鈴木重明
[Registrant]                    Shigeaki Suzuki
[Name Server]                   sv06.wadax.ne.jp
[Name Server]                   dns.wadax.ne.jp
[Signing Key]
[登録年月日]                    2002/05/14
[有効期限]                      2022/05/31
[状態]                          Active
[最終更新]                      2021/11/27 08:34:19 (JST)
Contact Information: [公開連絡窓口]
[名前]                          ホールショット(有)
[Name]                          Hall Shot Limited company
[Email]                         [email protected]
[Web Page]
[郵便番号]                      486-0905
[住所]                          愛知県春日井市 稲口1ー4ー7
[Postal Address]                Aichi
Kasugai City
1-4-7 Inaguchi
[電話番号]                      0568-33-4900
[FAX番号]                       0568-33-4922