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WHOIS Lookup of jzwebstudio.at external-link

Raw Registrar Data
jzwebstudio.at domain lookup results :

domain:         jzwebstudio.at
registrant:     PP12769934-NICAT
nserver:        ns1.beget.com
nserver:        ns1.beget.pro
nserver:        ns2.beget.com
nserver:        ns2.beget.pro
changed:        20200813 11:44:39
source:         AT-DOM
personname:     Zaytseva Yulia
organization:   Private Person
street address: Starobitsevskaya 15
postal code:    117628
city:           Moscow
country:        Russian Federation (the)
phone:          +79646361713
fax-no:         +79646361713
e-mail:         [email protected]
nic-hdl:        PP12769934-NICAT
changed:        20200813 11:44:38
source:         AT-DOM